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Receiving Dental Veneers at Aesthetic Dental Center of Hackensack

Are you self-conscious about teeth that are chipped, crooked or discolored? Then you should consider getting dental veneers to enhance the appearance of your smile. Right now, porcelain veneers are extremely popular due to superior strength and stain-resistant properties. No matter what type of dental veneer that you are considering, you will likely have some questions that need answering to help you make your choice.

What are veneers?

The term 'veneer' originates from a French word 'fournir', meaning 'to furnish'. It's just like furnishing your home to enhance its appearance; you can also furnish your teeth with dental veneers so that they look better.

A dental veneer is a thin sheet of material that fits onto the surface of an existing tooth that needs an improvement in appearance. Veneers are quite natural looking and durable, which is important when appearance is the most important factor. 

A bit of tooth enamel will often need to be removed in preparation for receiving a dental veneer, since some additional space will be needed to accommodate it. You can have a dental veneer placed on one tooth or multiple teeth. We can even apply a full set of dental veneers to all front teeth if requested. These can match the color of your existing teeth so that they appear natural.

Many people avoid social events because they are embarrassed about the appearance of their smiles. This is not necessary because dental veneers can restore the confidence of those who are self-conscious about their smile. Dental veneers are able to help you achieve a variety of results, including:

* Alter the color of teeth: It is not uncommon to have stained teeth due to lifestyle choices like smoking and coffee consumption. Some medical treatments like high-dose antibiotics can also stain teeth. Over-the-counter whitening treatments may provide disappointing results.

* Change the shape of teeth: You may subjectively feel that your teeth are too small or short, leading to feeling self-conscious when you smile. Dental veneers can help remodel your smile and improve its aesthetic.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

Porcelain has become the construction material of choice for most dental veneers. One reason for its popularity is that this material is extremely durable. Another is that porcelain is very resistant to stains. Just like with regular teeth, dental veneers can become discolored due to contact with things like coffee, tea and red wine. Having a porcelain veneer placed is like having your teeth whitened and straightened in just a few visits or less.

The Process

The first step in receiving a dental veneer is meeting with us during a consultation. This is a great time to ask any remaining questions and share any concerns that you may have. We want you to be completely comfortable with every step of the process.

If it is determined that you make a good candidate for dental veneers, we will begin by preparing your teeth with a removal of a small layer of tooth enamel to allow for a proper fitting.

For porcelain veneers, a mold of your teeth is made that is sent to the laboratory for their fabrication. This can take up to three weeks.

No matter the type of veneer that you will be receiving, we finish up by placing the dental veneer onto the surface of your teeth using a special type of dental cement.

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At Aesthetic Dental Center of Hackensack, we pride ourselves on transforming the appearance of our patients' smiles using dental veneers. If you would like to request more information about dental veneers, or schedule a consultation, please reach out to us today.

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